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Physician Assistant


Physician Assistant BS – 4 Year Program Curriculum

Physician Assistant BS/MS – 5 Year Program Curriculum

Typical Course Sequence at a glanceCourse NumberCredit Hours
First Year (Pre-Professional Phase)
General Biology I and LabBIOL-101, 1034
LAS Perspective 5: General and Analytical Chemistry I and LabCHMG-141, 1454
LAS Perspective 1, 2, 3 9
LAS Foundation 1: First Year Seminar 3
General Biology II and LabBIOL-102, 1044
LAS Perspective 5: General and Analytical Chemistry II and LabCHMG-142, 1464
LAS Perspectives 7A: Applied CalculusMATH-1614
LAS Foundation 2: First Year Writing 3
Wellness Education 0
Second Year (Pre-Professional Phase)
Anatomy and Physiology I, IIMEDS-250, 2518
Biochemistry for Health SciencesCHMB-2403
LAS Perspective 4 3
Free Elective 3
LAS Immersion 1, 2, 3 9
Medical MicrobiologyPHYA-2064
LAS Perspective 7B: Introduction to Statistics ISTAT-1453
Third Year (Professional Phase)
Pathophysiology I, IIPHYA-405, 4064
History/Physical Dx I, IIPHYA-401, 4028
Clinical Medicine I, IIPHYA-422, 42310
Advanced Gross AnatomyPHYA-4192
Physician Assistant SeminarPHYA-4201
Pharmacology I, IIPHYA-415, 4163
Clinical Lab MedicinePHYA-4091
Medical GeneticsPHYA-4302
Fourth Year (Professional Phase)
Hospital PracticePHYA-5104
Clinical Medicine IIIPHYA-4245
Society and Behavioral Medicine (WI)PHYA-4403
Pharmacology IIIPHYA-4172
Diagnostic ImagingPHYA-4212
Procedural Clinical SkillsPHYA-5503
Clinical IntegrationPHYA-5204
Healthcare Policy and LawPHYA-5602
Clinical EpidemiologyPHYA-7293
Research MethodsPHYA-7302
Free Elective 3
General MedicinePHYA-7514
Professional Practice IPHYA-7612
Graduate Project IPHYA-7102
Fifth Year (Professional Phase)
Emergency MedicinePHYA-7534
Professional Practice II, IIIPHYA-762, 7634
Graduate Project IIPHYA-7202
Family MedicinePHYA-7584
Elective RotationPHYA-7594
Total Credit Hours: 182


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