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Priority Behavioral Health & Clinical Psychology Internship

The Internship

Interns carry a caseload of approximately 10-20 clients depending on number of diagnoses and the chronicity of the client. They are expected to evaluate 2-3 new clients per week and facilitate 5 psychotherapy groups. Interns will also be required to provide psychological testing with 10 clients and integrated report writing per clinical site requests. The learning objectives are to: hone skills in MET, CBT, DBT and Dual Diagnosis, Integrative Care interventions, further develop integrative report writing; build an effective therapeutic alliance with clients while conducting drug screens and communicating regularly with the courts and other providers; improve assessment and case formulation skills; improve case management and referral skills; and develop skills in integrated addiction and trauma/aggression-centered therapies. Fellows will have the opportunity to conduct both individual therapy and gender-specific group treatments. Trainees will also have the opportunity to observe and participate in criminal defense cases at a local socio-legal center’s office for one half of their training year.

The training opportunity at Priority can provide an enriching experience for interns coming from training backgrounds in mental health, adult psychiatry, child psychiatry (both inpatient and outpatient), substance use and/or forensic psychology. For interns who come from a substance use education or training background (e.g., practicum experience, coursework), this internship provides the opportunity to learn about the interaction between substance use disorders and illegal behaviors. Up to 80% of addicted populations have criminal justice involvement, and fellows with prior substance use training gain essential understanding of the interplay between addiction, mental illness and criminal justice involvement through engagement with the courts, probation, and parole. The Priority Behavioral Health Internship program allows an exciting opportunity for trainees from either background to diversify their clinical and research skills and to enhance these skills through work with a unique and diverse clinical population.

For all details regarding this internship program, please consult the Priority Behavorial Health Internship Handbook.

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