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Priority Behavioral Health & Clinical Psychology Internship


Structure: Interns in this program are referred to as "psychology interns." The internship begins on July 1 and concludes on June 30 of each academic year.

Placement-Full-Time, Full Year, 40 hours/week with a combined Primary and Secondary Placement Options

Primary placement, full year, 4 days per week at any one or combination of the following sites:

Genesee Mental Health Center is an outpatient only mental health clinic. It’s outpatient programs include an adult outpatient mental health program, child and adolescent outpatient mental health program, and the PROS program. All of the programs are located in proximity to each other, but have their own space. The child and adult waiting rooms are next to each other, but still have separate spaces. The PROS program has its own entrance that connects to a milieu area where some of the program is run. Each of the programs has its own dedicated group rooms and there are offices for each of the therapists/interns. There are staff meeting rooms, support offices, directors and managers offices, and provider offices as well. Each of the programs is also staffed by psychiatry services that include one or more Psych NP or Psychiatrist as staff.

Hillside Family of Agencies The Hillside Family of Agencies is a non-profit organization consisting of more than 100 coordinated programs in 41 locations across New York and Maryland which provide comprehensive health, education, and human services for children and families. Four Hillside facilities are utilized for internship training.  Interns work in four sites, with one intern placed at Snell Farm Children’s Center and the Halpern Education Center, and one intern placed at the Children’s Center’s Varick and Monroe Campuses.



  1. A combination of CHST’s Behavioral Health Clinic scolar and clinical initiatives/projects which are:
    ​CHST’s Behavioral Health Clinic/Telehealth:
    1. Family Violence & Addiction Interventions & Research. Clinical Research & Forensic Overview  (Drs. Easton and Crane)

    Medical Interactive Therapy Research (e.g., Research utilizing Virtual and Simulated Therapeutic Environments)/Forensic Psychology (forthcoming) (Drs. Doolittle and Easton)

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