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Health Systems Administration


The Master of Science in Health System Administration at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) was established in 1995 as one of the first graduate level training programs serving working professionals in the Northeast region of the US using distance technologies.  Now more than 20 years later, the program's reach extends well beyond a single region or even country. Our students meet faculty in shared learning spaces to explore the science and art of shaping (formal and informal) organizations to meet the growing health demands of the populations we serve.  The program’s focus is on further developing early to mid-career professionals into highly effective leaders with specialized skill in building community service networks to meet health need within an increasing globalized economy.

Why are we so successful?  We think it is because we offer something unique; something you don’t find in most academic spaces. We surveyed our students* to learn what the key features of the program are, along with the benefits they provide.  Here is what they had to say—

  • High quality, exceptional return on my investment.  Students appreciate:
    • Well-rounded curriculum that focuses on the broader system of service delivery (not just a hospital-based perspective)
    • A final capstone project that integrates all my learning into a single, field-based, learning application
    • I’m learning in the class and then applying my learning to the field every day.  I can gain work experience as well as go to school!
  • The 13 course, 39 credit hour curriculum is developed on the RIT Online platform that embraces the latest in web-based delivery.  Students especially appreciate:
    • 24/7 access to courses allows me to work on courses when I can and achieve a level of work/life/school balance
    • Accelerated, 7-week courses provide me the option of diving deep into a single subject before moving to the next
    • I decide my course load; the program doesn’t. Enrollment is flexible allowing me to take one, two, three or more courses a term or to sit out a term
  • Program faculty are experts in their fields holding advanced degrees with proven success in practice. Our students comment on the:
    • One-on-one feedback from faculty that validates my learning while stretching me to reach even farther
    • Real world, practical training. Faculty work to help me see how theories and concepts relate to the real-world practice of health care management
    • Access to real professors who understand me and my career needs. They are quick to respond and compassionate. 
  • World class experience from a world-class university! RIT celebrates world class support services for all student along with a vast network of alumni located around the world. Our students tell us:
    • Applying to the program was easy. The program focuses on providing access to those with genuine interest in professional growth
    • My academic advisor has been responsive, timely, patient and very knowledgeable. She’s helped me coordinate the most valuable investment of my life from a completely different time zone
    • The strong reputation of RIT provides you a network of resources to advance your career
    • Quick responses to all my questions, requests, etc.

Health Care Administration

The delivery of health care in the US and across the globe is rapidly transforming. The pace of technology and innovation are changing how, when, and where healthcare is provided, and who is providing it. Concurrently, health care customers have high expectations for quality and responsiveness to their needs—delivered in a cost-effective manner.  What does all of this mean to you, the demand for professionals to lead the system to meet these growing expectations has never been greater than it is today.

Are you passionate about growing organizations to meet the needs of communities and populations to achieve optimum health outcomes?  Are you a manager that desires to fine tune your skills to impact change?  Do you have leadership potential that you want to explore?  Are you thinking “what’s next” in your career?  Are you ready to grow your influence on the system's ability to provide life changing service?  If so, consider joining this community of learners as you begin to think, what is next! 

Job Outlook

Though many of our students are already working within the health care industry, it is wise to be aware of Industry employment trends before investing in an advanced degree/certificate. The US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics ( is trusted authority on occupation trends. BLS writes, “Employment of medical and health services managers is projected to grow 20 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations.”

Visit Careers and Employment Trends for more information.  

Additional salary data is available at Salary Data

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