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Undergraduate Education

Within RIT’s College of Health Sciences and Technology, CAPS supports an innovative educational presence. CAPS Director, Laurence Sugarman teaches two undergraduate biomedical science electives.

In “Placebo, Suggestion, Research and Health,” (MEDS 360) students engage in the emerging field of placebo research, learning how to parse out these powerful responses in clinical research and health care. Using Benedetti’s Placebo Effects and Kirsch’s The Emporer’s New Drugs as texts, students discover that all health care interventions are at least placebos. The only questions are (1) Are they more than placebos? and (2) Can we have the same effects without the interventions?

“Applied Psychophysiology and Self-regulation” (MEDS 361) explores the evolution of health and care through the lens of self-care skills. Students examine the practice and evidence supporting of meditation, biofeedback, hypnosis and placebo effects, constructing an understanding human cybernetics that inform and underlies modern health care.

In addition to courses offered, CAPS supervises independent study, student research and co-ops to an average of 10 students a year. Our students have presented at conferences and co-authored award-winning publications. They keep keeps us thinking. We invest in their futures as the innovators of the future of health care.

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