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Parent Effectiveness Program

Funded by the Golisano Foundation in collaboration with AutismUp – the Rochester region’s leading non-profit family service organization for people affected with ASD – CAPS has developed and enacted a group parenting program for 73 families in the community with promising results. The PEP focuses on basic behavioral strategies applied with consistency as well as parental self-regulation skills that “rewire the buttons” kids tend to push. Under the slogan, “Olympic level parenting for the neurodiverse,” and using a train-the-trainer model, CAPS and AutismUp are extending this program to racially and economically diverse, rural and inner city communities in the region. With ongoing support, CAPS will partner with other community groups and adapt this program beyond ASD, community-wide. The CAPS-PEP train-the-trainer program will provide support and confidence in parenting for a growing population of families in the region.

“One skill that I found useful from this program is the simplicity of the ERA…the reminder that we as parents are charged with modeling appropriate behavior.”

“I have learned a lot about phrasing things the right way and knowing when to take a step back and breathe.”

“I am taking time, breathing before reacting, and responding with a plan.”

“One important change I made is trying to make the change in my behavior rather than in my child’s behavior.”

“The skills I’ve been working on involve being able to remain in control of myself in situations rather than losing my temper.”