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MindMasters! This is exciting and novel research project harnesses the innovation and creativity of this technology-focused university while collaborating with mental health care providers to develop a computer-based role-playing game for young people repetitive/perservative behavioral problems. In collaboration with St. John Fisher College's Robert Rice, Ph.D. and RIT Game Developer Stephen Jacobs we are developing a game that uses physiological sensors as game controllers so that players link their control of their autonomic nervous system (especially modulating their "fight or flight" response) to improving their ability to overcome challenges and strengthen their inner resources as they move their Avatar through home, school, work and play.

This game will draw on a variety of cutting edge technologies and concepts in game development, applied psychophysiology and cognitive behavioral therapy to create a powerful tool that augments therapeutic relationships for young people with anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders and autism spectrum disorders.

We expect to employ students in coops and begin prototype development in the second half of 2011. Stay tuned!

For more information contact Laurence I. Sugarman, MD.

Future Research Projects: The CAPS Education and Clinical Care Projects promise to generate both data and hypotheses for evaluation and synthesis. We expect these initiatives to form the basis for ongoing research. Contact Laurence Sugarman if you are interested in collaborating.