Dr. Destler’s “E-Durance” Challenge Results

resultsIt was an outstanding pre-festival event in Simone Circle on Saturday, May 4. At 9 a.m., 11 teams drove their modified “Power Wheels” vehicles for one-hour in an effort to achieve the most laps. Each team had a pit area where they could stop and make repairs or switch drivers, but NOT recharge their batteries. RIT provided each team with two, fully charged, 12 volt 18 amp batteries, the only two batteries the team were allowed to use during the race.

This E-Durance Challenge was a sustainability one, but it also appealed to engineering, business, computer science, and art students alike, which was the exact goal of this e-durance race to get students involved who might not otherwise be exposed to electric powered cars and technology. DJ “Duffy” from 98 WPXY was on hand to keep the crowd engaged and cheering.


It was neck and neck until the end when “Team FMS” (Civil Engineering students Erich Roth and Devon Di Sarro) took first place with 61 laps in their Razor motorcycle. Each student will receive a prize of $500. A very close second went to the “ASME Dragstars” who achieved 57 laps and received one of President Destler’s antique banjos from his personal collection.

Other prize categories included the most innovative build which went to “Hot Wheelz”, the team from Women in Engineering at RIT, and the most moxie, which was awarded to “RIT Players”. Both teams will receive $20 Amazon gift cards or each team member, or the same total value as a donation to their club.

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