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Dr. Destler’s Health Innovation Challenge Results

Consumer Focused Electromyography
DADCo: Consumer Focused Electromyography
Photo by: Miranda Joly Photography

Sports Biometrics Tracking Apparel
GAIA: Sports Biometrics Tracking Apparel

First place: DADCo: Consumer Focused Electromyography

DADCo wants to bring Electromyography (a biodiagnostic technique) into the consumer marketplace. We will be creating smartwatches and smart wrist-bands that interface with different electrical devices, including but not limited to smartphones, computers, and robotic prosthetics. At Imagine the team showcased a Bionic Hand concept that they built for an amputee.

Exhibitors: Colin Fausnaught, Daniel Berg, John Grosh, Tre DiPassio

Second place: Semi-Active Wearable Tremor Mitigation Device

Our goal is to create a working prototype that can be worn on a person's arm/forearm that will decrease the intensity of essential tremor. Decreasing tremor intensity will allow people with essential tremor to live with increased confidence.

Exhibitors: Peter Marcote, Sarah Sibert, James Wagner, Nicholas Lamb , Ramy Kila, Dan Phillips, Ed Hanzlik

Third place: GAIA: Sports Biometrics Tracking Apparel

GAIA is an athletic shirt than takes a quantitative approach to assessing athletic performance. During and after a workout, the user can see biometric data sent directly to their phone. The user can see their heart rate and muscular output in real-time. This technology can prevent injuries and improper training. Come and watch a live demonstration as the heart rate and muscular output of a member of our team are visually displayed on his phone as he goes through a workout.

Exhibitors: Gwen Neuhaus, Brent Chase, Dakota Bassett, Liam Herlihy, Joseph Clifford, Grigoriy Gressel, Louis Beato

Fourth place: OvercomerTM: Overcoming Challenges-Changing Lives

OvercomerTM is a revolutionary adaptive fitness system that allows users with physical disabilities to engage in fitness and recreation like they couldn't before. In collaboration with Inclusivity Incorporated, OvercomerTM incorporates games such as soccer, hockey, baseball, and catch.

Exhibitors: Elizabeth Nicolas, Amy Hughes, Christopher Fenn, Josh Closson, Gerry Garavuso, Hannah Folby, Jason Constant, Jamie Moore, Emma Sarles, Robert Henry, Mandala Murphy