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Dr. Munson’s Performing Arts Competition

performing arts challenge poster

Date: Friday, April 27, 2018
Time: 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.
Location: Ingle Auditorium, SAU

Contest Rules and Entry Criteria

We are pleased to announce that President Munson is sponsoring a Performing Arts Competition as part of Imagine RIT 2018. The contest is open to all current RIT students (undergraduate or graduate level) who enjoy enjoy dance, music, drama, comedy, juggling, and more - pretty much any talent that can be displayed on stage. Students may participate as an individual, ensemble or group. Following are the rules and regulations for the contest.

There is no fee to register.

Registration forms are due by February 1, 2018, and may be emailed to festival program chair, Heather Cottone,

Event organizers will review paper (email) submissions. If your submission is accepted, you will receive a follow up email with a request for a video submission. Finalists will be chosen to perform live on Friday, April 27, 2018 (the evening prior to Imagine RIT), 6-8pm in Ingle Auditorium.

Winners will be announced at the conclusion of the competition on Friday, April 27, 2018, and will be eligible to perform during the Opening Ceremony of Imagine RIT, Saturday, April 28, 2018, at 10 a.m. on the outdoor stage near the Sentinel in Simone Plaza.

General Rules for Performing Arts

We ask that all performing arts entries are sensitive to a diverse audience which includes families and children (people of all ages). All materials to be performed are subject to review and approval by event organizers. Materials which include foul language, racial or religious overtones, or other topics/subjects deemed inappropriate by event organizers will not be allowed.

  1. Be considerate of other participants.
  2. If special introductions are desired, please send with entry.
  3. No Props, costumes, set pieces will be provided.
  4. A sound system, microphones and lighting will be provided.
  5. No explosive devices or smoke bombs will be allowed.
  6. For ensembles and groups, a majority of participants should be current RIT students. Remaining participants may be faculty, staff, alumni, or non-RIT students/individuals.
  7. Individuals may participate in more than one performance.
  8. At the judges’ discretion, points may be deducted for performances that go over the allotted time.
  9. CD’s used for accompaniment should be in new or excellent condition. They should be marked on the right side and labeled with the track number, as well as the name of performer or group.
  10. Material used may be original or obtained from any source and/or any suitable subject.

All categories of the Performing Arts will be judged together to determine a final winner; however, each type of performance must adhere to the category-specific criteria below:


  • All dance pieces must not be more than 4 minutes.
  • Please indicate the song(s) you will use on your registration form. If an original music mix is being used, please submit a copy of the recording with your registration form.
  • No sound enhancements on tapes may be used. Background sound enhancements of taps, clogging, etc. are not permitted.
  • The sound system in Ingle auditorium can use a MP3 Player or iPod/iPhone. Please bring a CD as a backup.


  • Vocal pieces may not be over 5 minutes.
  • Vocal participants must include a copy of their music with the registration form. Music turned in must have both music and lyrics. If a CD is used for accompaniment, please turn it in with the registration form.
  • If using a CD for accompaniment, no voices in the background of the CD are allowed. All voices heard in the vocal section must be those of the actual performers.
  • Accompaniment time is included in the time limit.
  • We strongly encourage that vocal pieces be memorized.


  • Instrumental pieces may not be over 5 minutes.
  • Instrumental participants must include a copy of the music with the registration form.
  • Instrumental pieces are not required to be memorized, but it may be to your advantage to have it memorized.
  • An electric keyboard may be used.


  • Monologues, performance pieces, scenes, skits or One-Act Plays must be at least 3 minutes and no longer than 10 minutes in length.
  • Interruption by audience applause does not count against time.
  • A copy of the script must be turned in with the registration form.
  • Set up and tear down on stage is limited to 10 minutes.

Final Judging

Judging for the competition on Friday, April 27, will be a combined score based on audience applause and points awarded by a panel of judges (TBA).


Winner(s) will be recognized with a commemorative plaque at the Opening Ceremony of Imagine RIT, Saturday, April 28, 2018, at 10am on a stage near the Sentinel.

If the winning performance group is able to use an outdoor stage, they will be invited to perform during the Opening Ceremony. If not, we will announce to visitors about where to view the winning performances during the festival.

Please direct all questions related to the competition to Imagine RIT program chair, Heather Cottone, at or call (585) 475-7856. Thank you.