Planning and organizing a festival of this magnitude is a lot of work. We have a great team. Here’s a list of the Committee Chairs and how to reach them.


Dr. Barry R. CulhaneFestival Chairman

Dr. Barry R. Culhane
Executive Assistant to the President
7200 Eastman Hall

Heather A. CottoneChair, Program and Logistics

Heather A. Cottone
Manager of Special Projects
Office of the President
7000 Eastman Hall

Bob FinnertyChair, Marketing & Communications

Bob Finnerty
Chief Communications Officer
University News Services
1193 Brown Hall

Lisa CaudaChair, Fundraising & Corporate Relations

Lisa Cauda
Vice President for Development & Alumni Relations
7033 Eastman Hall

Participation in the Imagine RIT Festival is at your own risk. Organizers, exhibitors, and volunteers cannot be held liable for any loss, damage, injury, or other liability resulting from your, or your child’s, participation in the Imagine RIT Festival at any of the festival locations. Activities at the Imagine RIT Festival may be filmed or photographed for educational or public relations purposes. By attending the Imagine RIT Festival, attendees authorize organizers and exhibitors to use their or their child’s photograph, image, or video for such purposes.

RIT works diligently to assure the safety and welfare of our guests. At Imagine RIT, our security personnel will conduct checks of all bags carried into the festival. We appreciate your understanding as we undertake this security measure.