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Environmental Science in Your Own Backyard

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Community, Environment, Science, Sustainability, STEM

Environmental Science in Your Own Backyard

Exhibit Code: OUT-0370
Zone: The Think Tank
Location: Outside (OUT/000) - Mobius Quad
Time: All Day
Appropriate for all ages? Yes

RIT students and faculty in Environmental Science are learning about the environment of Monroe County and doing great things to make our environment healthier. Visit us to learn about the plants, animals and ecosystems right in our own backyard and see how RIT Environmental Scientists and our community partners are using science and technology to understand and improve our world!

Karl Korfmacher, Carrie McCalley, Robert Moakley, Joshua Strobel, Alex Shipman, Olivia Pine, Paige Baker, Emily Pacifico, Zachary Ursu, David Connell, Zack Prokocki-Loomis, Melanie Morris, Elizabeth Hane, Ibrahim Cisse, David Fong, Caleb Guillaume, Kelleen McGuinness, Christy Tyler, Alexanna Page, Delanie Spangler, Erica Short, Sarah Goldsmith, Josephine Ibanez, Rachel Bratek, Laura Denlinger, Ashley Berna, Joseph Porsella


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