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Save Ritchie | RIT Eco-Adventure

Exhibit Code: GOR-147
Zone: Field House
Location: Gordon Field House and Activities Center (GOR/024) - Main Floor
Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Age Group: All Ages

Project Save Ritchie is a fun-filled interactive game that bridges the gap between physical and virtual environments. Through real-life challenges involving sustainable practices such as recycling, waste management, energy use, and water consumption, users can complete tasks and improve their scores in a digital game. While completing challenges, players will learn more about how they can act on sustainable practices and help spread awareness about RIT's Sustainability Initiatives. The experience comes in two parts: an app where tasks and achievements can be completed and a website where players can track their scores and progress. There are some crossovers in the features of both the app and website. Both students and faculty members are encouraged to play as the only requirement is an RIT login. Each player will be given a personal Ritchie avatar that will help show their progress through the game. Advancing in the game will unlock new challenges and customizations to the Ritchie avatar. By working with several groups on campus, a well-rounded list of achievements and challenges are available providing both variety and an increased difficulty as players advance. Completing a challenge can be done through swiping an RIT ID card, completing an answer, or entering a code. Achievements will sometimes be accompanied with a reward that is related to the challenge. Also, notable players each week will be recognized in the Spotlight. Currently, we are exploring the reach of this game on the RIT campus as we develop working prototypes. We would like to see this game start in the Fall of 2014 with incoming students. Each game will last for a semester, allowing students to restart their progress. Help Ritchie make RIT's campus more sustainable today!

Tyler Somers, Rachel Mitrano, Zach Bokuniewicz, Hunter Haubert, Caitlin Charniga, Kelly Murdoch-Kitt

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Design, Environment, Gaming, Technology

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