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Rubens' Tube

Exhibit Code: OUT-0800
Zone: Engineering Park
Location: Outside (OUT/000) - Unity Quad
Time: All Day
Age Group:

A pipe that allows propane to escape through holes drilled at even intervals on the top and lit. On the end of the pipe that does not have the inflow of the propane, is a speaker that plays a sound wave into the pipe. This causes the propane to form areas of high and low pressure. These pressure areas change the height of the flame coming out of the pipe. The outcome is the flames match the sine form of the sound wave, allowing the user to see a standing sound wave.

Daniel Green, Vincent D Arrigo, Elizabeth Belfast, Sara Zuwiyya, Adam Bork, William Key, Adam Stock, Jarrett Pischera, Madison Langer, Gordon Upshaw

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Science, STEM

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