Plan Your Day 2014


Communication Apps for Deaf/Hearing Persons

Exhibit Code: GOR-105
Zone: Field House
Location: Gordon Field House and Activities Center (GOR/024) - Main Floor
Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Age Group: All Ages

The purpose of this exhibit is to show how current mobile applications might be used to enhance communication among deaf and hearing individuals. With the use of tablets and smartphones exponentially on the rise, many of us now have easy and nearly constant access to mobile apps. Might this ease of accessibility to apps present us with new strategies to engage with others while communicating across languages? This exhibit will demonstrate selected Apple and Android communication apps and will summarize student experiences using such apps. Participants will be invited to engage in hands-on exploration of highlighted apps.

Linda Gottermeier, Wendy DiMatteo, Erin Pickett, Elizabeth Jackson Machmer

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