Plan Your Day 2014


Venture Creations Incubator

Exhibit Code: GOR-116
Zone: Field House
Location: Gordon Field House and Activities Center (GOR/024) - Main Floor
Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Age Group: 12 and Up

Come join RIT's Venture Creations Incubator as we showcase three of our start-up company clients. You'll have a chance to learn about these companies and their exciting projects, meet the entrepreneurs behind the companies, and learn about how RIT is supporting the development and growth of start-ups throughout our region.

Crystal Gulian, Scott Featherman, Jeff Douglass, Cory Westbrook, Ron Von Perlstein, Rich Notargiacomo, Alex Wright, Greg Westbrook, Bill Jones, Chris Carter, David Laluk, Todd Bernhard , Toni Foley , Jessica Sica-Lieber, Matthew Kenyon, Michael Ostertag, Joe Haumann, Karleen Haight

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Business, Community, Energy, Engineering, Environment, Science, Sustainability, Technology

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