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RIT Racing 2014 Unveiling

Exhibit Code: OUT-031
Zone: RIT Central
Location: Outside (OUT/000) - Stage 3
Time: 10:45 am - 11:30 am
Age Group: All Ages

The RIT Racing Formula SAE team will be unveiling their latest student build formula style race car, F22, at 11am in Simone Circle directly next to the Sentinel. The team is comprised of 40 undergraduate students who design and manufacture a new car every year in the span of 10 months to compete in the Formula SAE collegiate design series hosted by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). There will be a dynamic demonstration of the car followed by a time where team members will be available to answer questions. F22 features a custom turbocharged, Yamaha 450cc motor, producing 55hp and 45ft-lbs of torque while running on clean burning E85 fuel. Along with this cutting edge engine package the team has worked to develop an active aero dynamic system that reduces drag while on straights and increases down force during corners. All of this is packaged into a 340 lb car. The team competes against other colleges and universities from across the world in both national and international competitions. Their first competition starts May 14th at Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, Michigan.

Travis Newberry, Tim Moran, Kyle Abbott, Shelby Acome, Alex Hebert, Andrew Derhammer, Mark Batorski, Chris Batorski, Collin Cragon, Connor Kehoe, Dylan Bruce, Beri Foy, Ryan Hoyt, Jaclyn Pytlarz, Johnathan Flores, Justin Small, Isak Leo, Matt Craven, Matt Hendler, Max Hautaniemi, Megan Kagenski, Nick Ryan, Nick Venditti, Pat Burke, Phill Kelner, Rob Walkowiak, Sal Fava, Selden Porter, Jake Swanson, Stephanie Walkowiak, Thomas Cannon, Jamie Ring, Timothy Reist, Becky Michalski, Stephen Pasek, Austin Bruce, Mark Peryer

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