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Al Biles and Gen Jam

Exhibit Code: GOL-100
Zone: Computer Zone
Location: Golisano Hall (GOL/070) - Auditorium
Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Age Group: All Ages

Al Biles and GenJam play straight ahead jazz, but the way they get there is a little "different." Al (a human trumpet player) and GenJam (the Genetic Jammer) improvise on tunes ranging from swing and bop to Latin and pop. They listen and reply to each other, just like any good jazz soloists, but GenJam is computer software that evolves its musical ideas in real time. The music is straight-up jazz, and the repertoire is formidable: over 300 tunes to choose from in a variety of jazz influenced styles - Miles, Monk, Messengers, mambo, mainstream, modern, movie music, and more! Stop by to listen. Linger for a while and train your own GenJam soloist. Bring your ax and sit in to give Al a break! Put Al on the spot and request a tune he hasn't played in 10 years!!

Al Biles

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