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Robotic Musical Chimes

Exhibit Code: GLE-2271
Zone: Engineering Park
Location: James E. Gleason Hall (GLE/009) - 2271
Time: All Day
Age Group:

Come and listen to "We Will Rock You", "Fireflys", "Seven Nation Army", and other songs being played by robotic machines. First year engineering students will demonstrate the robotic musical chime machines they designed, built, and programmed for their Engineering Design Tools course in the Mechanical Engineering Department. The students will tell the story of their design process, microcontroller programming, and problem solving they did in the process of creating their robotic chime machine. Visitors will be able to listen and see working student-designed and built robotic devices which can play songs.

Mario Gomes, Melissa Rideout, Matthew Robinson, Kenneth Hass, Ignazio Scollo, Zach Cooper, Tyler Smith, Matthew Santullo, Matthew Truong, Lynn Atene, Zachary Coutu, Mitchell Brown, Andrew Coco, Thomas Obrian, Grant Pearce, Eric Pesola, Broderick Walker, Alexander Smart, Alan Kuffner, Eleanor Fisher, Dylan Bruening, Brenden Jezuit, Andrew Frost, Harrison Lu, Marca Lam, Sarilyn Ivancic, Rob Kraynik, Craig Piccarreto, Anthony Hennig, Jordan Mack, Caleb Weeks, Aaron Weidenaar

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