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Electromagnetic Dart Launcher

Exhibit Code: GOR-131
Zone: Field House
Location: Gordon Field House and Activities Center (GOR/024) - Main Floor
Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Age Group: 12 and Up

The Electromagnetic Dart Launcher is a device used to demonstrate Ampere's Law in physics. Ampere's Law tells us that moving charge will create a magnetic field. In our demonstration, current (our moving charge) is carried to a mounted coil by means of our circuit. The movement of current in this shape will create a magnetic field that is very strong in the inside the coil. This pattern of field closely resembles a bar magnetic. Because of this, it is called an electromagnetic. A ferromagnetic dart, such as iron or steel, is placed just outside the coil. The current's magnetic field will magnetize our dart and accelerate it into the coil. Once the dart has past the center of the coil, the current will shut off with the dart still moving Now that the dart has picked up speed, it will continue to propel forward where it will have the chance to strike a mounted balloon.

John Collini, Emily Kessler

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Science, Technology

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