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2014 ARM Student Design Contest

Exhibit Code: GOR-118
Zone: Field House
Location: Gordon Field House and Activities Center (GOR/024) - Main Floor
Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Age Group: All Ages

On January 31, 2014 we organized the 4th ARM Developer Day with the participation of thirteen sponsoring companies (ARM, Cypress, Freescale, MBED, Eagle, Atmel, ST Micro, LPCXpresso, Keil, Texas Instruments, Element14, Mathworks and Raspberry Pi Foundation, []). A series of more than 22 workshops and presentations were held that day, and a large number of development kits were given out for free to students. We had more than 230 engineering and engineering technology students and faculty participating. Like the previous two years, we announced the ARM Student Competition that leverages on the knowledge and engagement produced by the 4th ARM Developer Day. Last year at Imagine RIT we had 15 teams and about 45 students participating. Imagine RIT attendees served as judges by selecting the best projects based on student's promotion of their exhibits. This year we are proposing the same format and expecting the same or slightly larger student participation. The objective of this exhibit is to demonstrate how technology and in particular embedded systems using ARM technology can be used to enhance some of the tasks that we do day to day. It is not very known widely, but the vast majority of smartphones and tablets, as well as a large variety of other devices, use ARM processors from different vendors such as the ones manufactured by the sponsor companies mentioned above. As an example, all Android phones run on ARM platforms as well as all iPhones and iPads. The projects range from personal hobbies, to senior design projects, to ventures initiated at the Center for Student Innovation. We will continue to showcase these projects, so the visitors can also vote and help us determine which the best projects are. This enabled visitors to actively interact with students and this proved to be popular with visitors! The visitors will be able to see how technology and in particular embedded systems can be used in daily life to make a given task easier. Embedded systems are everywhere, from a simple electronic toothbrush, to smartphones, to tablets, to entertainment systems, to video games, to cars, to airplanes, etc. Technology is now so accessible that it can be adapted to everyday things and by adding intelligence to these systems an interconnected world is now possible. The future is gearing towards "Next Economy is Hardware Included" focuses on the new product development l that includes low-cost, low-power ARM development boards. The projects demonstrated in this exhibition are the result of student's initiative and innovation to solve from personal challenges, to health prevention, to enjoyment, to energy conservation, etc.

Adriana Becker-Gomez, Roy Melton, George Slack, Austin Chacosky, Nicholas Hensel, Matthew Demm, Jeremy Bennett, Jeremiah Zucker, Nicholas Lamb, Alexander Klymkow, Timothy Fratangelo, Spencer Hanson, Dennis Canosa, Matt Rodriguez, Chloe Parliman, Chris Williams, Adam Remick, Joseph Savino, Jon Holton, Chris Monfredo, Greg Davis, Scott Hambleton, Tim Southerton, Brian Grosso, Matthew Morris, Enrique Secanechia-Santos, Gregg Miller, Kevin Mesolella, Andrew Scarani, Benji Arnold, Jeremy Williams, Michael Dushkoff, Max Maurin, Mark Saunders, John Daley, Alex Hebert, Gregory Roeth, Tucker Graydon, Reece Lamb, Beau Sattora, Breton Minnehan, Chris Johnson

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