Plan Your Day 2014


Getting Social with the Digital Den

Exhibit Code: CLK-104
Zone: RIT Central
Location: George H. Clark Gymnasium (CLK/003) - Clark Gym
Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Age Group: All Ages

Visit our interactive demonstration booth with Apple and Mac products. Visitors of all ages can play with the hottest Apple technology. We will also be informing attendees that they can purchase these products at the lowest educational prices through our Barnes & Noble location in Park Point. Technology demonstration: - iPad - iPod - Mac Laptops - iCloud - Software: iWork We will giving away t-shirts (designed by an RIT student), which will be part of an interactive social media and photo sharing contest.

Jonathan Millis, Jaime Grimes, Mike Brusehaber

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Business, Software, Technology

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