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Investigating Android M Permissions

Exhibit Code: GOL-1040
Zone: Computer Zone
Location: Golisano Hall (GOL/070) - East Hallway
Time: All Day
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Android apps operate under a permission-based system where an app requires specific permissions to carry out specific functionality. In Android's new permission model (Android 'M'), users are no longer expected to confirm or deny all requested permissions upon installation of the application. The app may now prompt users during runtime for permissions as they are needed. This allows users to confirm or deny specific permission requests, but still be able to use the app. However, these profound changes lead to some challenging questions, one of which is if users feel more comfortable with this new permission model, or if it will lead to further confusion and concerns over the app's requested permissions? During Imagine RIT, I will have users participate in a study where each user will install and briefly use a simple application which uses the old Android permission model, and the same application built with the new `M' model. After briefly using the app, users will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire with the following goals: Do users feel more comfortable with the old permissions model that the new one? Do users feel more informed about the old permissions model than the new one? This will be followed by a very brief set of questions to confirm the user's level of knowledge about each of the requested permissions. Do users recall the requested app permissions in one model more readily than the other? The goal is to conduct the entire user study in under 5 minutes per participant. Note: This project is largely funding by the Fall 2015 RIT Lecturers' Development Grant

Daniel Krutz

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