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Experience Bioluminescence (Algae Light Show)

Exhibit Code: GOS-115
Zone: Science Center
Location: Thomas Gosnell Hall (GOS/008) - 1125
Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Age Group: All Ages

Experience bioluminescence demonstrates the natural ability of the algae Pyrocystis fusiformis to emit light, through music! When visitors enter the tent, they will be able to swill beakers with small amounts of the algae to induce them to luminesce themselves. Then, during demonstration times every twenty minutes, we will be playing songs through aquariums filled with bioluminescent algae causing them to luminesce when the sound waves hit them! The light they give off will mimic the pathway taken by the sound waves as they travel through the water. This is a great exhibit for all ages, and especially children interested in life science and physics. We are geared towards demonstrating the complexity of these microscopic organisms through relatable means for everyone.

Christopher Carson, Victoria Popov, Filipe Melo, Ethan Marsh, Shannon Keenan, Christain Cammarota

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Energy, Science, Technology

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