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Cenify: Control Everyday Products with your Smartphone!

Exhibit Code: SIH-107
Zone: Innovation Center
Location: Student Innovation Hall (SIH/087) - 87-1600
Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Age Group: 12 and Up

The power and usefulness of Smartphones is ever-expanding in today's modern age. Cenify intends to take Smartphones yet another step forward by creating a straight-forward, simple connection between your Smartphone and ordinary, every-day products that you interact with. Imagine being able to control your alarm clock, lighting, coffee-maker and blinds through your smartphone! Cenify is a technological model that has the capability to design a seamless connection between smartphones and any Cenify-powered chip placed in virtually any ordinary object. These Cenify-powered chips are custom designed to be compatible with the Centify software. The code is developed for smartphones and allows you to control Cenify-powered products through product-specified settings. Our technology will optimize the your lifestyle by having the convenience to control your devices around time and schedule. Our goal is to simplify your life!

Alec Satterly, Patrick Seypura, Christina Rizzetta

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