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Capstone Projects Benefit Area Businesses

Exhibit Code: SAU-105
Zone: RIT Central
Location: Student Alumni Union (SAU/004) - Fireside Lounge
Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Age Group: All Ages

Would you like help with a project such as developing a web site or installing a security camera system at your home, business or non-profit organization? During the ICS Capstone course, students partnered with area businesses to work on a variety of technical projects. The visitors will have an "insider view" of some of the projects students have completed. Live video feeds from these business locations will allow visitors to view several Rochester businesses where work has been done. Additionally, students that worked on these projects will be on-hand to present and discuss the tasks along with some of challenges they faced and benefits they realized with each project such as enhanced problem-solving abilities, development of interpersonal skills, greater self-direction, ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously, and improved technical reading and writing.

james mallory, David Lawrence, Nigel Evans, Mychael Jenkins, Joseph Valdez, Bryant Conti, Mark Jeremy, Bradley Weber, Edward Wessels

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Business, Community, Design, Environment, Senior Projects, Technology

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