Plan Your Day 2014


Foundations Drawing in CIAS

Exhibit Code: BOO-203
Zone: Artistic Alley
Location: Jame E. Booth Hall (BOO/007A) - 2490 & 2510
Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Age Group: All Ages

This exhibit is a collection of creative Drawing II projects done by first year art students in The College of Imaging Arts and Sciences. It includes very large self portraits, collaborative drawings and other projects that highlight the level of accomplishment, technical ability and creative skill of our incoming freshman. Also, freshman students will be there to draw portraits of people that are willing to sit for a short time (30 - 45 minutes), that they can then take home with them. GET A FREE DRAWING OF YOURSELF, DONE BY AN R.I.T. FRESHMAN ART STUDENT!!

Denton Crawford, Jenna Ammerall, Jonathan Conrad, Deana Gennuso, Jane Rosenthal, Jenna Marshall, Arietta Tetreault, Mimi Ace, Lydia Sharp, Lilly Blum, Melissa Huang, Maria Victoria Savka

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