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Actuated Journal Bearing Testing Rig

Exhibit Code: GLE-2393
Zone: Engineering Park
Location: James E. Gleason Hall (GLE/009) - Room 2383
Time: All Day
Age Group:

The rig is being utilized to monitor the health of a journal (fluid) bearing in a large compressor. This rig will simulate the forces and motions of the bearing, and allow us to monitor several characteristics using data acquisition (DAQ) devices. Using a program called LabVIEW, we're able to capture everything from vibrations to oil temperature, and use all of that to determine how well a bearing would hold up in the actual compressor. While a bearing in the compressor takes about 12 hours to change, our system takes about 30 minutes. This, coupled with a few small changes that we've made, allow for relative ease of use during testing.

Kristopher Kidder, Anthony Miuccio, Shay Stanistreet, John Dolan

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