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RC3 - Hack your First Computer

Exhibit Code: LOW-102
Zone: Business District
Location: Max Lowenthal Hall (LOW/012) - Lobby
Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Age Group: 7 and Up

Hack your first computer! At RC3, we research, analyze, and discuss current trends and topics in the computing and networking security field. During our weekly meetings, we discuss the news, demo offensive and defensive security tactics, compete in a weekly hacking challenges that involve the various sub-fields of computing security, and much more. Our exhibit will be very hands on and allow you to hack your first computer, as well as inform you on the importance of safe practices when it comes to computing.

Zuhdi Abdelkarim, Jon Barber, Dan Syed, Pooja Sharma

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Business, Communication, Software, Student Organization, Technology

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