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Imagine Soap

Exhibit Code: CLK-115
Zone: RIT Central
Location: George H. Clark Gymnasium (CLK/003) - Clark Gym
Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Age Group: All Ages

According to WHO, handwashing with soap is the most cost-efficient and effective method for reducing the incidence of hygiene-related illness, the leading cause of infant deaths worldwide. But due to its cost, many in Haiti and other at-risk communities cannot access this commodity. Imagine Soap will recruit entrepreneurs and train them to produce, market and sell soap while concurrently promoting hygiene. The soap will be made by up-cycling locally sourced cooking oil--an abundant and typically discarded resource--thus lending a direct economic and environmental benefit. We envision the outcome being the empowerment and enhanced health of local entrepreneurs and families by creating affordable hygiene products, implementing health and hygiene education, adding value to existing raw materials, and providing business training and economic opportunity for families in need of honest income.

Rahul Gadre, Brendan Gordon, JONATHAN MORRIS-EPPOLITO, Christopher Mewes

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