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Emergency Medicine Exhibit

Exhibit Code: CBT-1100
Zone: Technology Quarter
Location: Center for Bioscience Education and Technology (CBT/075) - Main Floor Lobby
Time: All Day
Age Group:

RIT's Pre-Health Student Association presents our Emergency Medicine Exhibit! Learn how to react during a medical emergency, and how to always be prepared if one were to occur.Use games and puzzles to learn how to fix broken bones, twisted ankles, cuts, and burns!

Jrew Simmons, Jacob Zukoski, Lindsay Smith, Logan Adamczak, Talia McKay, Darlene Navas, Emmanuel Perrodin-Njoku, Nicole Umehira, Wendy Qu, Juliette Ferdschneider, Will Marmor, James Bice, Sara Keller, John Bennison, Elise Grzeskiewicz , Danielle Kindron, Abbey Siulinski, Rosemary Carter, Gabrielle Frumusa, Joe Clary, Alexandra Mace, Anna Visalli, Erica Steele, Rhiannon Kearns

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