Sponsors Award Prizes for the 2012 festival

Congratulations to the exhibits that were awarded ribbons by many of our festival sponsors!

Time Warner Cable: “Hotwheelz” President Destler’s E-dragster Race winner by WE@ RIT (Women in Engineering)

Jodi Carville, Director, WE@RIT, Team Advisor
Kathleen Lamkin-Kennard, Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Team Advisor
Heather Beam, 4th year Mechanical Engineering, Eastampton, NJ
Sarah Brown, 1st year Mechanical Engineering, Altoona, PA
Maura Chmielowiec, 1st year Mechanical. Engineering, Driver, Batavia, NY
Natalie Ferrari, 5th year Mechanical Engineering, Team Captain, Greensburg, PA
Rachele Floeser, 1st year Industrial Engineering, Pittsford, NY
Camila Gomez Serrano, 1st year Mechanical Engineering, Sammamish, WA
Aurora (Rory) Kiehl, 4th year Mechanical Engineering, Fairfax, VA
Margurita Rincon, 2nd year Mechanical Engineering, Tyler, TX
Olivia Robertson, 2nd year Electrical Engineering, Chesterland, OH

Freescale: “EMG BIO-Drive”

Benjamin Drobiz, 3rd year Computer Engineering Technology, Columbus, OH (Moscow, Russia)
Reece Lamb, 3rd year Computer Engineering Technology, Pittsford, NY

IDI Billing Solutions: Center for Student Innovation Exhibits (All)

ITT Exelis: “Swarm of Tiny Autonomous Robots”

Robert LiVolsi, 5th year Computer Engineering, Wallingford, CT
Alex Karantz, 5th year Computer Engineering, Windham, ME

Park Point at RIT: “Larger-Than-Life Piano”

Ryan Thompson, 5th year COS, Potsdam, NY
Sean Terrill 5th year COS, Honeoye Falls, NY
Jameson Goins, 3rd year GCCIS, Sandwich, MA
Taylor Barrett, 2nd year COS, Middletown, PA
Evan Molony, 3rd year Mechanical Engineering, Farmington, CT

Paychex: “Smart Refrigerator”

Steven Strapp, 5th year Computer Engineering, Bloomfield, NY
Dustin Stroup, 5th year Computer Engineering, Lewes, DE
Ben Reeves, 5th year Computer Engineering, Springfield, VT

TATA Consultancy Services:  “Tangible Display Systems”

Jason Ferwerda, faculty, Color Science, College of Science
Reynold Bailey, faculty, Computer Science, GCCIS
Chris Cowdery-Corvan, Student, Computer Science, GCCIS

Texas Instruments: “See-Through, Life-Size Interactive Monitors”

Christopher A. N. Kurz, faculty, Teacher Education, NTID
Gary Behm, faculty, Engineering Studies, NTID
Brian Trager, Information and Computing Studies, NTID
Robb Dooiling, Student, Computer Science, GCCIS

Xerox Corporation: “Non-Invasive Physiological Monitoring Technologies” and “BioTelemetrix”

Cody Cziesler, 5th year Computer Engineering, Chittenango, NY
Nick Desaulniers, 5th year Computer Engineering, Bristor, CT
Nick Sereni, 5th year Computer Engineering, Sanborton, NH



Other contest winners for this year’s festival are:

ARM Student Design Contest winner: “EMG BIO-Drive”

Independent Study led by Dr. Antonio F Mondragon (ECTET). Remote-controlled (RC) car driven via electromyogram (EMG) signals captured from the user's biceps and triceps muscles. Exhibit viewers were able to see the car moving forward/backward, left and right when we demonstrated arm muscle contraction.

Benjamin Drobiz, 3rd year Computer Engineering Technology, Columbus, OH (Moscow, Russia)
Reece Lamb, 3rd year Computer Engineering Technology, Pittsford, NY

ARM Student Design Contest winner: “The Smart Grid Refrigerator”

Project led by Professor Carl Lundgren in the Center for Student Innovation - Equipped to transmit temperature data over a WiFi network and able to have remote power control, retrofitted refrigerators will now be enabled for load management systems to offset energy consumption during peak energy demand hours of the day.

Sajin George, 2nd year M.Sc. Electrical Engineering, Mumbai, India.
Tayler Swanson, 3rd Year Electrical/Mechanical Engineering Technology, Buffalo, NY

ARM Student Design Contest winner: “Wandering Ambassador”

Senior Design led by Dr. Adriana Gomez (CE) and George Slack (EE). The robot webcam enables visitors to see what the robot is viewing and real time dynamic data graphics of robot sensors were displayed.

Praneeth Pulusani, 5th Computer Engineering, Iselin, NJ
Sam Stats, 5th year Mechanical Engineering, South Burlington, VT
Sheena Mital, 5th year Electrical Engineering, Lawrenceville, NJ
Phillip Tatti, 5th year Electrical Engineering, Mount Holly, NJ
Derek Badon, 5th year Electrical Engineering, Pleasant Valley, NY
Tony Lanza, 5th year Electrical Engineering, Tonawanda, NY
Dan Massar, 5th year Electrical Engineering, Binghamton, NY

IEEE Student Design Competition winner: “TigerBot”

Senior Design led by Dr. Ferat Sahin. This platform is a semi-autonomous humanoid robot capable of interacting with users through speech recognition. Visitors were able to view the robot moving and performing tasks.

Jonathan J. Cormier, 5th year Computer Engineering, North Hero, VT
John W. Seybold, 5th year Computer Engineering, Rochester, NY
Kyle Backer, 5th year Electrical Engineering, Oswego, NY
Matthew DeCapua, 5th year Electrical Engineering, Essex Junction, VT
Michael Thomas, 5th year Electrical Engineering, North Easton, MA
Jeremy Jensen, 5th year Mechanical Engineering, Penn Yan, NY
Eric Walkama, 5th year Mechanical Engineering, Newington, CT