Sponsors Award Prizes for the 2013 festival

The Imagine RIT festival on Saturday, May 4, was booming with exhibitors, visitors, volunteers and of course, our sponsors! During the festival, each sponsor distributed an award to the exhibit they found to be most innovative and creative. Here are the sponsor’s choices from the 2013 festival:

Premier Sponsor

Exhibitors in picture: Professor Christye Sisson, Ryan Harriman, David Beyerlein

Gold Sponsor

Exhibitors in picture: Xue Wang, Asst. Professor Gabrielle Gaustad

Silver Sponsor

No picture

Exhibitors in picture: Caitlin Williams, Sarah Oros

Bronze Sponsor

Exhibitors in picture: Brianna Byrne, Michael Lacanilao

Exhibitors in picture: Mike Timbrook, Sean Cooper, Jesse Jurman and Rose Rustowicz

Other contest winners for this year’s festival are:

ARM Student Design Competition @ Imagine RIT

The ARM Student Design Competition was announced during the “ARM Developer Day” On November 30th, 2012. This event was organized by Dr. Antonio Mondragon and Dr. Adriana Becker. The theme for this year was Energy Efficiency. This event was also organized by ARM and 15 partner companies including, Texas Instruments, Freescale, Cypress, and Xilinx.

The certificates and prizes were delivered by:

  • Andy Mastronardi (Freescale)
  • Patrick Kane (Cypress)
  • Dr Adriana Becker (KGCOE)
  • Dr Antonio F. Mondragon (CAST)

1st Place (234 Votes) Memoria Technica - Mix Meister

Professor: Dr. Mondragon
Team Members: Navaneeth Madhwapathy and Louis Gentile

Mix Meister is a system that combines multiple drinks or liquids with accuracy, using peristaltic pumps, food grade specifications and easy to use android user interface.

2nd Place (229 Votes) Anura - Home Automation System

Team Members: Denis Coady, Timothy Herbert, Jonathan Bishop

Ribbit is a developer and end-user friendly platform to allow easy data aggregation for a local internet of things network. Focus is on using a large number and variety of low cost, low power sensors to create an overall intelligent network through the use of cloud based data aggregation and cloud hosted applications.

3rd Place (166 Votes) Mobile Pediatric Stander

Team Guide: Ed Hanzlik
Project Sponsor: Linda Brown

Team Members: Heather Beam, Thomas Bean, Megan Chapman, Steven Geiger, Kimberly Keating

The Mobile Pediatric Stander’s goal is to mobilize a pediatric standing device so that a disabled child can stand on the same level as their peers and move at the same pace.

4th Place and “ARM Ribbon Award” (125 Votes) - Modular Snake Robot

Team Member: Christopher Atwood

The Modular Snake Robot is the design, construction and programming of a modular robotic snake to demonstrate different types of locomotion.

Pictures and videos can be found here:

Time Warner Cable Award

Xerox Award

RGHS Award

The Province Award

Paychex Award