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Volunteer registration for the 2017 festival has ended.

Please email if you are still interested in volunteering.

Volunteer FAQ’s

Who can volunteer for Imagine RIT?
Anyone who is at least 16 years of age may volunteer.

Was my registration successful?
You should receive a confirmation email with your volunteer assignment(s). If you did not receive confirmation, please send an email to

What if I need to change or cancel my volunteer assignment?
Please send an email to or call 585.475.7856.

When is volunteer training?
While volunteer training is not mandatory, it is strongly encouraged to help make your volunteer experience and the experience of festival visitors a pleasant one. It is also a great opportunity to pick up a poster, tote bag, and your volunteer t-shirt!

During training you will be given a copy of this year’s festival print program, a t-shirt to wear on the day of the festival, and a copy of our comprehensive volunteer training manual.

Registered volunteers will receive an email with more information about dates, times and locations for training.

What if I cannot attend a training session?
Not to worry – you can download and review our comprehensive volunteer training manual; however, this means you will receive your t-shirt on the day of the festival when you check-in.

Where do I check-in on the day of the festival to receive my meal card (and my shirt, if I did not go to a training session in-person)?
Here is a list for your review: specified check-in location

Will I have time to eat lunch at Imagine RIT?
If your shift is during a time you would normally eat, please plan accordingly by bringing water and a snack with you. Volunteers will receive a meal card when they check-in the day of the festival (either Dinosaur Bar-B-Que or RIT Dining Services as specified during the registration process). Please check-in early if you would like to eat before the start of your shift.

What should I wear?
Imagine RIT volunteers should wear their (free) volunteer t-shirt that may be picked up in advance at a training session, or on the day of the festival at the time of check-in. Please do not plan to wear a volunteer t-shirt from a previous festival as the sponsor information on the backside of the shirts changes each year.

In case of inclement weather, please add layers underneath your t-shirt, in order to give full credit to our sponsors, the logos of which appear on the backside of t-shirts. If you must cover your t-shirts, we do have rain ponchos and large pins that may be placed on a jacket or sweatshirt so visitors will still know you are a volunteer.

My question is not addressed here. Who should I contact?
Please email Program Chair, Heather Cottone, at Thank you.