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Welcome to the Center for Student Innovation!

A round glass building on a campus of brick cubes, RIT's Center for Student Innovation is a "mixing bowl" where students, faculty, mentors, and partners mix ideas from many disciplines to create new and useful realities. In addition we provide project space, project support, mentorship, camaraderie, and access to innovation resources all over campus.


Meeting Spaces and Conference Rooms, Hacker Space, Rapid Prototopying Lab, Gallery, Conference Room, Innovation Calendar, Lab for Technological Literacy,, our online collaboration hub.

Opportunities for Student Innovators

Innovation Courses and project courses, Summer Research and Innovation Fellowships, Mini-grants, Workshops on grant writing and intellectual property, Summer and Winter Research and Innovation Symposia, mentors,, our online collaboration hub.

Opportunities for Partners

The Center is a go-to-place for corporate, governmental, and social enterprises seeking new perspectives and new collaborators for innovation. CSI Collaborative Innovation Teams are comprised of students who are sophisticated enough to make a significant contribution, but naive enough to not know what's impossible. They are inspiring to work with, and, with faculty guidance, remarkably cost-effective. And when they graduate, you can hire them