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Winter Research and Innovation Symposium. Abstracts due Wednesday!

Sat, 01/22/2011 - 14:45 -- Anonymous (not verified)


Come to the Abstract Writing Workshop Monday night!

Submit your abstract by Wednesday!

Research and innovation thrives when curious, motivated people are empowered to explore and solve interesting challenges. It can be fun, it can be stimulating, and it's not just for professors and corporate titans. The RIT Research and Innovation Symposium celebrates and showcases the achievements of students who are already joining the party. In many cases, they are doing cutting edge work, and in all cases they are learning how knowledge and progress is created, transmitted, and communicated.

Today's researchers and innovators are tomorrows knowledge-makers, and world changers. Please come to the Symposium on February 18, 2011 and get a look at the future.

This is a conference-format event, with both poster and oral presentation options. Abstracts will be reviewed before acceptance and available online; outside judges will review the presentations and provide feedback. Outstanding presentations will be recognized with Travel Awards of $350, to help you present or attend an off-campus conference.

Students, present! Submission deadline: January 26 2011

Faculty, support! Encourage your students to participate.

Sponsors, get in touch! Email Paul Harris (

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