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Wishes for the new year

Wed, 12/17/2008 - 09:37 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Last night's Innovation Session in the Idea Factory was really perfect. We all paired up and brainstormed on wishes for the new year (some pictured above). Then used our mobile phones to tag and upload our favorite wishes in to a flickr photo pool. We think this way of creating collective knowledge pools has mucho potential for all kinds of applications.

After that activity, Jason Sauers shared a prototype of a table he is working on. The still pictures below don't give it justice but for those who have ever wrestled with adjusting a drafting table or work bench, you gotta see this thing move -- Super slick! And because Jason's prototype was so well developed, it sparked a lot of fantastic conversation.

Then Dan Lampie told us his tale of trying to set up a wind turbine last year and all of the hurdles he had to go through to implement the thing. Barriers to innovation! We agreed that a lot of us run into similar barriers when we work. And so we vowed to keep these conversations going, to keep comparing notes, and to see what we can do about improving the environment to support innovative work.

We'll be starting up again in the new year with a lot of good stuff. But for now, take a break, enjoy some down time, get refreshed, and come back ready to roll.

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