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Boldly Go Where No School Has Gone Before

Tue, 08/18/2009 - 20:50 -- Anonymous (not verified)

In a story by University News, the Innovation Center received some exciting buzz.  Those close to the Innovation Center's creation clarify and muse upon their hopes for the new building.  RIT's student and faculty visionaries comment on the Center for Student Innovation's grand opening this summer:

“It reminds me of the Enterprise,” observes two RIT students.  Like the starship, the circular glass and steel Center for Student Innovation is designed to take students where they haven’t been before. The 10,000-square-foot space will serve as a nexus of creativity and technology, a hub where teams of students from all corners of the university can develop and showcase innovative and entrepreneurial projects.

Lauren Courtney, New Media Publishing Student

"It [working on a collaborative project] was a great experience. I’m a designer, and it would be easy to stay in my own little bubble. I don’t want to do that.I really hope people take advantage of it...It can become such a great resource for everyone.”

President Dr. Bill Destler

"The center will be a signature structure that brings RIT closer to the vision of becoming America’s ‘Innovation and Creativity University."

Dr. Ian Gatley

"The world is eager for young people who are eager to change the world,” says Gatley. “And the best approach to solving the problems of the world is to work in teams."

Dr. Jon Schull

"The problems of the world are interdisciplinary in nature, but traditional education often turns students into single-discipline ‘adepts’...We want to build a culture of collaboration and unleash it on the world’s most wicked – and interesting – problems.”

(Photo by Max Schulte ’97’) The Center for Student Innovation was filled with exhibits and visitors during the Imagine RIT: Innovation and Creativity Festival May 2.

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