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Stallman @ RIT: Wrap-up

Mon, 04/05/2010 - 20:11 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Recently, Richard Stallman gave a talk in the Innovation Center about the value of Free Software (Free as in Freedom, not just price). Stallman is best known as the creator of The GNU Operating System and the Emacs text editor. The popular GNU General Public License, is one of Stallman's most beloved innovations, and it is now in its third iteration. This license is used by software projects worldwide to ensure that all copies of all versions of the program be distributed -- when they are distributed -- as free software under the same license.

Oftentimes under this kind of license, changes to source code are shared with the original authors -- as well as the development community in general -- promoting innovation, collaboration, and accountability.

Rather than tell you what Stallman said, we'd rather you hear it for yourself (Particularly, The Blessing of St. Ignusius of the Church of Emacs.)

The full audio of Stallman's talk is available here in ogg format.

Thank you to the Interactive Games and Media Department, for bringing such an active and contemporary element of the Free Software Movement to RIT, and the Storytellers Team for their coverage of the event.

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