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Sat, 05/01/2010 - 14:08 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Rochester Institute of Technology brought out its best again this year for The Annual ImagineRIT Festival, where everything from green vehicles to bluetooth-enabled door locks were on display for alumni, prospective students, and visitors. A total of 32,000 attendeesflocked to RIT's campus, and thousands visited the Center for Student Innovation to see the plethora of projects that can call our big glass house "home".

The Innovation Center had dozens exhibits, including a Word Sensorium, which matched music and visuals to poetry. The Innovation Center also was host to a large Van De Graaff generator, made by the House of General Science.
Van De Graaff
The Open Video Chat team displayed their software live on XO's, generating interest from attendees of all ages.

Other highlights included the RIT Make Club, who holds their regular meetings every week in the Center, and were doing a live fibers and weaving demo. The Mousetrap team, a group of New Media Capstone students showed off a multitouch table of their own design after 2 quarters of development here in the Center. Many of our exhibits were related to green and sustainable development, like wind power protoytpes and designs, as well as other methods of environmentally friendly energy generation, and vertical gardening. A full list of the exhibits located in the Center for Student Innovation can be found here.

Imagine RIT was a campus-wide display of the ingenuity of our students and their passion for finding and taking the next steps in their fields of work, and areas of study.

Do you have an ImagineRIT story that needs to be told? Drop us a line in the comments, or send us an email at openinnovationrit(at)gmail(dot)com!

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