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RIT 4.8.1: The Beginning of a Tradition

Fri, 05/07/2010 - 18:01 -- Anonymous (not verified)

The Innovation Center hosted a gathering of students and companies to discuss summer opportunities working on innovative projects. The topics included quantifying energy savings from geothermal power, the use of social media to encourage people to go green, and VOIP and videoconferencing technology.

Excellus, 5linx, and E. Van Hee Energy sent company representatives to discuss opportunities for teams over the summer interested in working on a research-based project.

Excellus Representative talks to student
Excellus pitched an idea for boosting data center profitability and reducing environmental impact. The company is looking for teams to help research methods of decreasing the energy consumption, saving the company money..

A majority of energy consumed in a data center is used by air conditioning units to keep the servers cool, and increase hardware lifespan. Many green data center ides focus on reducing the amount of cooling, usually taking advantage of natural features of the region.

5linx representatives

5linx looked for teams to attempt to find other consumer applications for their video phone devices other than video chat. Van Hee Energy also looked for other ways to leverage their base technology-geothermal energy-to help grow their business. By leveraging social media to help customers and investors show how they've used geothermal technology to reduce their impact on the environment and save themselves money as well, real-time, and visually.

E. Van Hee Energy representative

The Storytelling team interviewed John Schull after RIT 4.8 for a few insights on the happenings from the event:

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