What’s the Big Idea?

Our intent is to physically fly, float, or project the word “IMAGINE” over the campus during Imagine RIT. This is no small task. The Big Idea is a cross-discipline project that is idea-driven rather than being defined by a course, curriculum, credit, or grade.

It will require a team of effective organizers and problem-solvers from various disciplines to address the many facets of the problem.

If you would like to learn more about the project you are invited to attend our meetings.

The above image is from a concept sketch of a possible big Idea by Igor Soboloevsky.

The above image is from a balloon installation at RIT circa 1972 in the CIAS quad area.

Meeting Times & Places.

We will be meeting Fridays Spring quarter at the RIT Center for Student Innovation or the 4th Floor of Building 7 at RIT, in the Industrial/Interior Design Area at 12PM. Check the Facebook page for Date and Time Specifics. Come and join us as we will be building a something big to fly over ImagineRIT. Join Our Facebook Group to keep up with current happenings.

Make Something Big!

Join the project for those who like to do, think, organize, build and create big. All disciplines, any discipline and even those slightly undisciplined are welcome to join.

We are looking for students (and faculty) who can help us with aerodynamics, 3D design, typography, graphics, structural design, strength of materials, fabrication, planning, organizing, finance, and logistics. Join Our Facebook Group

Get in touch or Ask a Question.

This project is being managed & organized Senior Lecturer Kim Sherman (klsfaa@rit.edu), and Visiting Assistant Professor Miguel Cardona (macfaa@rit.edu) from RIT's School of Design.

Please get in touch if you have any questions, or would like to know more about this group and the project.