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Winter Research and Innovation Symposium

Tue, 03/15/2011 - 13:45 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Picture from Reporter Magazine.  Click on the image to read their coverage fo the Winter Research and Innovation Symposium.Once again the Winter Research and Innovation Symposium was a huge success.  Students presented their work in many fields.  A unique feature of this year's winter symposium was the participation of students from the American University of Kosovo.  This winter several RIT students collaborated with students from Kosovo to create business plans.  This businesses focused on creating jobs through environmental awareness.  The businesses ranged from creating clean energy to implementing recycling infrastructures.  Andrew Couvertier, a third year Environmental Management student, studied abroad this winter in Kosovo and presented at this winter's Symposium via Skype, his presentation focused on the challenges of raising start up funds for these business and grant research to support them.  Many of these projects will become businesses in the next year.

The top two projects this winter included a RIT-Kosovo team.  Eliza Hammer, Ashley Laughlin, and Arbnore Musliu worked this quarter on Eco-Ja, a company to be created in Kosovo that collects recyclable paper goods from schools and businesses.  This business would be the first of its kind in Kosovo.  The unique feature of this business is its  focus on using education to create change.  There is not a culture of recycling in this growing nation, but it will become critical to their success.  In order for this business to also enjoy success the people must understand and appreciate the power of recycling.

Tyler Bigham was the creator of the other top project.  He is currently working on creating an bio-diesel powered engine.  His research focused on what type of engine would be the most efficient.  This project unique because it was creating a high efficiency engine with multiple applications that can run on renewable energy.  Tyler hopes to continue his research and build and test his engine design and then start a company manufacturing them.

Overall, this years Winter Research and Innovation Symposium was a succsess and a wonderful showcase of last quarters work.  We are looking forward to Imagine RIT and the Summer Symposium.

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