Enterprise Network Refresh Project Status

RIT is refreshing the University’s wireless network, doubling the number of access points to significantly improve performance and meet ever growing demands.

Project Start Date: May 2017

Anticipated Completion Date: December 2018

What does this means to you? Cable installation vendors will be laying cable and mounting wireless access points throughout all buildings on campus. They will need access to office areas, conference rooms, classrooms, labs, and residential areas. Following the install, the ITS Network Communications team will schedule an early morning changeover to the new wireless solution. Work will be performed around class schedules, final exams, and housing schedules to minimize the impact to the RIT community.

Have a project question? Email the project team networkupgrade@rit.edu

Having a network issue? Contact the ITS Service Desk at 475-help (4357) or servicedesk@rit.edu

Want to learn when your building will be moving? See below.


Building or Area Completed (last updated 12/11/17)

Annex (ANX/088)

Greek House A - Phi Kappa Tau (GHA/604)

Perkins Green Apartments (PGA)

Brown Hall (BRN/086)

Greek House B - Delta Phi Epsilon (GHB/608)

Professional Office Annex (POA/084)

Carlton Gibson Hall (CGH/049)

Greek House C - Alpha Epsilon Pi (GHC/612)

Residence Hall A (RHA/028)

Crossroads (CRS/089)

Greek House D - Phi Kappa Psi (GHD/616)

Residence Hall B (RHB/30)

Engineering Technology Hall (ENT/082)

Greek House E - Alpha Xi Delta (GHE/620)

Residence Hall C (RHC/032)

Eugene Colby Hall A&B (CHA-CHC/031/033)

Greek House F - Pi Kappa Phi (GHF/624)

RIT Inn & Conference Center - Courtyard Tower

Eugene Colby Hall F&G (CHF/037)

Helen Fish Hall A&B (FHA/039)

RIT Inn & Conference Center - West Tower

Frances Baker Hall A (BHA/027)

Helen Fish Hall C&D (FHC/041)

Ross Hall (ROS/010)

Frances Baker Hall B,C,&D(BHC/029)

Laboratory for Applied Computing (LAC/074)

Sol Heunmann Hall (SHH/047)

Global Village 400 Suites (GVP/400)

Liberty Hill

Sustainability Institute Hall (SIH/081)

Global Village Way C (GVF/400)

Louise Slaughter Hall (SLA/078)

The Wallace Center (WAL/005)

Global Village Way D (GVF/404)

Mark Ellingson Hall (MEH/050A)

University Commons Suites (UCS)

Global Village Way E (GVF/405)

Munsell Color Science Laboratory (COL/018)

University Services Center (USC/087)

Golisano Hall (GOL/070)

Nathaniel Rochester Hall (NRH/043)

Welcome Center (WEL/011)


Deployment Schedule

October - December 2017

Center for Bioscience Education & Technology (CBT/075)

Engineering Hall (ENG/017)

James E. Gleason Hall (GLE/009)

Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science (CAR/076)

Institute Hall (INS/073)



January - March 2018

Bausch & Lomb Center (BLC/077)

James E. Booth Hall (BOO/007A)

Max Lowenthal Hall (LOW/012)

Frank E. Gannett Hall (GAN/007B)

Liberal Arts Hall (LBR/006)

Thomas Gosnell Hall (GOS/008)

George Eastman Hall (EAS/001)




April - Jun 2018

Campus Center (CPC/003)

Gordon Field House and Activities Center (GOR/024)

Peter Peterson Hall (PTH/050B)

Colony Manor Apartments (CMA)

Grace Watson Hall (GWH/025)

Residence Hall D (RHD/050C)

Eugene Colby Hall C,D,E (033)

Hale-Andrews Student Life Center (HAC/023)

Rosica Hall (RSC/053)

Facilities Management (FMS/099)

Kate Gleason Hall ( KGH/035)

Schmitt Interfaith Center (SMT/016)

Frank Ritter Ice Arena (RIA/002)

Lyndon Baines Johnson Hall (LBJ/060)

Student Alumni Union (SAU/004)

Gene Polisseni Arena (POL/022)

Monroe Hall (MON/015)

Student Development Center (CSD/055)


July - Spetember 2018

Barnes and Noble (Park Point)

Observatory House (OBH/093)

Venture Creations Incubator (VCI/150)

Franklin Street

RIT Inn & Conference Center - Ball Rooms/Business office