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Building or Area Completed (last updated 6/12/18)

Annex (ANX/088)

Greek House A - Phi Kappa Tau (GHA/604)

Peter Peterson Hall (PTH/050B)

Brown Hall (BRN/086)

Greek House B - Delta Phi Epsilon (GHB/608)

Professional Office Annex (POA/084)

Carlton Gibson Hall (CGH/049)

Greek House C - Alpha Epsilon Pi (GHC/612)

Residence Hall A (RHA/028)

Center for Bioscience Education & Technology (CBT/075)

Greek House D - Phi Kappa Psi (GHD/616)

Residence Hall B (RHB/30)

Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science (CAR/076)

Greek House E - Alpha Xi Delta (GHE/620)

Residence Hall C (RHC/032)

Crossroads (CRS/089)

Greek House F - Pi Kappa Phi (GHF/624)

Residence Hall D (RHD/050C)

Engineering Hall (ENG/017)

Helen Fish Hall A&B (FHA/039)

RIT Inn & Conference Center - Courtyard Tower

Engineering Technology Hall (ENT/082)

Helen Fish Hall C&D (FHC/041)

RIT Inn & Conference Center – West Tower

Eugene Colby Hall A&B (CHA-CHC/031/033)

Institute Hall (INS/073)

Ross Hall (ROS/010)

Eugene Colby Hall F&G (CHF/037)

James E. Booth Hall (Boo/007A)

Sol Heunmann Hall (SHH/047)

Frances Baker Hall A (BHA/027)

James E. Gleason Hall (GLE/009)

Sustainability Institute Hall (SIH/081)

Frances Baker Hall B,C,&D(BHC/029)

Laboratory for Applied Computing (LAC/074)

The Wallace Center (WAL/005)

Frank E. Gannett Hall (GAN/007B)

Liberty Hill

Thomas Gosnell Hall (GOS/008)

Global Village 400 Suites (GVP/400)

Louise Slaughter Hall (SLA/078)

University Commons Suites (UCS)

Global Village Way C (GVF/400)

Mark Ellingson Hall (MEH/050A)

University Services Center (USC/087)

Global Village Way D (GVF/404)

Munsell Color Science Laboratory (COL/018)

 Welcome Center (WEL/011)

Global Village Way E (GVF/405)

Nathaniel Rochester Hall (NRH/043)


Golisano Hall (GOL/070)

Perkins Green Apartments (PGA)





 Deployment Schedule

 April - June 2018

Colony Manor Apartments (CMA)

Frank Ritter Ice Arena (RIA/002)

Gordon Field House and Activities (GOR/024)

Eugene Colby Hall, C,D,E, (033)

Gene Polisseni Arena (POL/022)

 Kate Gleason Hall (KGH/035)


July - September 2018

Bausch & Lomb Center (BLC/077)

Hale-Andrews Student Life Center (HAC/023)

 Max Lowenthal Hall (LOW/012)

George Eastman Hall (EAS/001)

Liberal Arts Hall (LBR/006)

Student Alumni Union (SAU/004)


October - December 2018

Clark Gym (CLK/003)

Lyndon Baines Johnson Hall (LBJ/060)

Schmitt Interfaith Center (SMT/016)

Facilities Management (FMS/099)

Observatory House (OBH/093)

Student Development Center (CSD/055)

Grace Watson Hall (GWH/025)

Rosica Hall (RSC/053)



January - March 2019

Barnes and Noble (Park Point)

RIT Inn & Conference Center – Ball Rooms/Business Office

 Venture Creations Incubator (VCI/150)

Franklin Street