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Desktop Support Representative

Status: Ongoing and evaluated as staffing levels change.
Position Type: Student Employment 
Email a cover letter, resume and class schedule to .
The class schedule is important. If you don't include it, we won't be able to schedule an interview for you. 
Please note: Employment as a DSR is ongoing; once hired, DSRs remain employed as long as they are full-time students in good standing. 

Position Summary

Under the supervision of the Manager of Desktop Support Operations, Desktop Support Representatives provide direct computer support to ITS customers. This will include software, hardware, and networking connectivity. We are currently hiring for both Windows and Macintosh support positions

Applicants should note that this is a computer support position; there is no software development or programming required. Desktop Support Representatives work one-on-one with end users to train them, correct problems, set up, configure and repair their systems, and facilitate the delivery of necessary IT support functions from other internal and external organizations. The most important attributes are a service orientation, a strong work ethic, an ability to work well with a team, the ability to learn, and an ability to understand a customer's needs and expectations.


  • Analyze and resolve both simple and complex computer problems. Most work will be on-site, interacting directly with customers.
  • Provide effective, courteous, and timely responses to requests for service.
  • Interact with students, faculty, and staff on the phone, in person, and through electronic mail.
  • Maintain confidentiality and integrity of information residing on client systems, as well as physical security of those systems.
  • Integrate clients’ desktop systems with supported RIT systems and servers.
  • Identify and report trends in computer problems.
  • Interact with customers from all levels of the Institute.
  • Use software tools to track and respond to service requests and report on activities.
  • Maintain a professional attitude and appearance; Business casual dress is required at work.

Skills and Experience

  • Demonstrate understanding of and ability to deliver excellent customer service. Excellent telephone manner along with verbal and written communication skills are essential. Thorough documentation of work activities is expected.
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of current and recent desktop hardware, as well as current and recent desktop operating systems. Demonstrate initiative, and an ability to learn what you don’t currently know.
  • Illustrate knowledge of networking and Internet connections.
  • Show a general knowledge of office applications (Microsoft Office, etc.), security software (anti-virus, anti-spyware) and Internet client programs (Web browsers, e-mail clients, etc.).
  • Prove strong analytical ability as well as troubleshooting and reasoning skill. The ability to research, document and implement a solution is more important than the advance knowledge of that solution.
  • Work independently with minimal supervision. You will be treated as a professional; a strong work ethic is therefore required.
  • Work effectively with peers in a team setting. You will be encouraged to develop professional competence and leadership potential in yourself and others.
  • Manage multiple tasks and projects effectively.


  • DSRs report to the Manager of Desktop Support Operations, and are supervised and mentored by Senior and Lead DSR's, as well as full-time Desktop Support Analysts.
  • Opportunities for promotion to Senior and Lead DSR positions are available to DSRs who can demonstrate that they have the necessary skills, experience and leadership ability.