Operator Assistant

Status: Open 
Deadline: On going 
Start Date: Due to changing staffing needs ITS is frequently, although not always, hiring. 
Position Type: Student Employment 

To apply, send a resume and cover letter to sah3615@rit.edu

Position Summary: Skilled position assisting day-shift operator in monitoring of system consoles and operation of peripheral equipment, requiring both conceptual and working knowledge of multiple operating systems. Will work alone at times as primary operator with sole responsibility for system availability.

Essential Tasks: Monitor MVS Batch work, operate Xerox 92C, operate IBM 6262 printer, use multiple types of cartridge drives, perform VMS backup/restore operations, use Networker software for backup/restore on file servers, answer ITS Service Desk calls and investigate problems, notify appropriate system support including outside vendors, follow through with system status messages. Use TMON1CSM to monitor/control CPU usage on IBM Mainframe. Use knowledge of CICS/ADABAS environment to troubleshoot logon trouble calls and system hung/failures. Use MVS command language and/or JES2 commands. Issue DCL commands in VMS environment to control queues and/or control processes (both system and user). Interaction with Storage Tek robotic tape system.

Non-essential Tasks: Check MVS jobs for proper completion. Distribute completed output to Data Center in appropriate locations. Check and maintain paper and form supply in computer room.

Qualifications/Special Skills Required: Excellent computer skills on various systems including MVS, VMS and Unix; command languages on each database is essential. Other software/system knowledge: Xerox Docuprint, TSO environment, Networker, TMON1CSM. Customer service skills required with special emphasis on telephone and email skills. Able to lift 45 pounds. Able to maintain confidentiality of sensitive data.

Qualifications/Special Skills Preferred: Knowledge of Storage Library System for use on VMS. Understanding of and ability to use PC and/or Mac and emulation and connectivity software associated with each.