Adding RIT printers to your Windows PC

RIT has many networked printer(s) available across campus. In most cases, printers deployed as part of the Managed Print Services Project with Xerox are automatically deployed to your windows machine upon restarting your computer. In certain cases, printers are not deployed automatically, but can still be deployed manually, following the steps below

To print from one of these printers, you must first add it to your computer if it is not currently available. To add a networked printer to your computer manually, please follow the below steps:


Adding a Printer Manually

1. All printer(s) should have a label on them indicating the printer's name. Examples of printer names would be prcla01, prsfs03, or priaca15. Note this name before continuing.

2. On your PC, press "Start" and type \\print01 into the "Start Search" Box as shown below, and press "Enter"

3. Within the resulting window, find, and select, the printer you wish to add, and double click it. For example, to add a printer entitled prccl03, i would simply double click on the printer "prccl03" in the list

4. Wait for the wizard to complete. Depending on the specifics of the printer being added, this can take seconds, to a few minutes. It may appear to hang/do nothing, but a progress bar should appear within 60 seconds.

5. Select Start -> Devices and Printers and verify that the printer you added is listed under "Printers and Faxes"

6. Congratulations, feel free to add other printer(s) as needed!


Issues and Errors

There are several issues that may arise that prevent printer installation from completing.

0x00000005 "Access Denied" Error

The most common error is an 0x00000005 "Access Denied" error. This just means that you aren't yet added to the access group for this printer, or you haven't logged out and back into your machine since the printer was setup. If logging out/in does not resolve the issue, please call the ITS Service Desk or email them at Provide them with:

  • Your Username (specifically the logged in username that is recieving the error)
  • The printer you are trying to connect to when recieving the error

ITS will be able to use this information to add you to the necessary access list(s), and will follow up with you when this is complete, at which point you will be able to successfully add the printer after logging out/in.


If you recieve any other errors, or have any issues at all, ITS will be happy to assist. Feel free to give us a call, or email us at and we will work to assist you in any way that we can.