Application Catalog

The "Application Catalog" is a self-service portal for installing ITS approved software applications for Windows computers here at RIT. This web portal will allow you to select and install, at your discretion, various software applications approved for use on ITS managed computer systems.

To access the "Application Catalog", please follow the steps below:

  1. In the Windows Start Menu, look for a folder named either "Microsoft System Center 2012" or "Microsoft System Center 2012 R2."
  2. Within that folder, there are two shortcuts labeled "Application Catalog" and "Software Center". 
  3. Opening "Application Catalog" will give you the ability to easily install any ITS approved software applications at your convenience.

Over time, we hope users will utilize the "Application Catalog" to provide themselves with the software applications they need to maximize their productivity here at RIT.

The "Application Catalog" itself looks similar to the image below. Not all colleges, divisions, and departments have access to the same software applications, due to licensing, and other restrictions. The "Application Catalog" will only display applications that are available for that user to install.

The "Search" and "Browse by Category" sections will allow you to quickly find the software applications you are looking for. For example, to install the products included in the new site license of Adobe "Creative Cloud" select the "Creative Cloud" category, or search for "Creative Cloud".

Depending on the application installed, you may be presented with the Application Shutdown Utility. Please see the information here for more information on this Utility.


Issues or Errors

If you encounter problems installing software through the "Application Catalog," or would like to request new software applications to be added, please contact the ITS Service Desk or your local support group.