Application Shutdown Utility


The Application Shutdown Utility may appear from time to time on Managed Computers. Certain application installers require that specific applications (such as web browsers) are closed to ensure successful installation. The Application Shutdown Utility will prompt to users to “shutdown” any open applications that may cause conflicts, allowing the application being deployed to install properly. The Application Shutdown Utility can be minimized, and/or delayed for a certain interval of time, similar to the Managed Software Update Cycle.

What does this Utility Look like?

The utility will look similar to the below image. Certain elements, such as the application shutdown list, may vary slightly depending on the situation, or scenario.


What does this utility do?

The Application Shutdown Utility will close or “shutdown” the programs listed in the "Shutdown List" when the shutdown button is clicked. Depending on the program being installed, this list will vary. Please be sure to save anything you have opened prior to pressing the "Shutdown" button. Please note that pressing "Shutdown" merely closes the programs in the “Shutdown List”, and will NOT shutdown or reboot your computer.

What if i'm currently doing something?

The default timeout is 15 minutes. This can be extended as needed using the dropdown menu and selecting the "Postpone" button, to allow up to an additional 60 minutes. This allows you the time to choose a future time, without immediately interrupting your workflow. After the timeout counts down to zero, or you manually press "Shutdown", the deployment proceeds, and the applications are closed. ITS always recommends saving your work as often as possible, particularly whenever you plan to leave your computer idle, or unattended.

This popup is in the way of what im doing

The countdown can be minimized to the tray, but will remain partially visible. When the countdown hits zero, or you manually proceed by pressing "Shutdown", all listed applications will be closed to facilitate the deployment.

Which Program is being installed?

To see what program is being installed, please check within "Software Center" on your machine.

Who can I contact if I need more information?

If you need more information, you can contact the ITS Service Desk