Application Shutdown Utility FAQ


The Application Shutdown Utility may appear from time to time on Managed Computers. Certain application installers require that specific applications (such as web browsers) are closed to ensure successful installation. The Application Shutdown Utility will prompt to users to “shutdown” any open applications that may cause conflicts, allowing the application being deployed to install properly. The Application Shutdown Utility can deferred for a certain number of times, before installation becomes mandatory.


What does this utility look like?

The utility will look similar to the below image. Certain elements, such as the application list and the title, may vary slightly depending on the situation, or scenario.

What does this utility do?

The Application Shutdown Utility will close the programs listed when the "Close programs" button is clicked. Depending on the program being installed, this list will vary. The buttons perform the following actions:

  • Close Programs: Closes the listed programs automatically and installs the software
  • Defer: Cancels the installation for now, and retry in 24 hours. After 3 deferalls, the installation becomes required.
  • Continue: Continues the installation after you have closed the listed programs.

If you attempt to run one of the programs listed after starting the installation, you will see this message:

Once the installation is in progress, you will see this window:

When the installation is complete, you will see this balloon notification in the system tray:

What if I'm currently doing something?

If you click "Defer," the installation will be canceled and you may recieve a message stating that the installation failed.  This will automatically be retried in 24 hours, where you will recieve the prompt again if applications required to be closed are running.  ITS always recommends saving your work as often as possible, particularly whenever you plan to leave your computer idle, or unattended.

This popup is in the way of what I'm doing.

Until you interact with the prompt, the message will not disappear.  Either close programs to install the software now, or defer it until the next day.

Which program is being installed?

To see what program is being installed, please check within "Software Center" on your machine.  The name of the program is also in the title of the popup.

Who can I contact if I need more information?

If you need more information, you can contact the ITS Service Desk.