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RIT provides an e-mail address and account for all students, faculty, and staff. This e-mail account is created when you receive an RIT computer account .

Students & Alumni: RIT has partnered with Google to provide Gmail service for students & alumni. To setup your email account, refer to the Gmail page.

Additional resources can be found at E-mail @ RIT

Message Center

Message Center is a portlet in the myRIT Portal called the My Message Board. The goal of the RIT Message Center is to create a trusted source of communication that allows you to identify what communications you want to receive AND how you want to receive them. Key features include:

  • Message Categories - categories have been created to include mandatory and optional messages so you can get a sense of what each communication is about before reading it
  • Opt-out Capabilities - while you will not be able to opt-out of mandatory communications (e.g. Institute emergencies, Institute closings, etc.), you will have the opportunity to opt-out of general notice-type information

In today's world of spam and "scam" emails it is important for RIT students, faculty and staff to be able to easily determine that the RIT communications they receive are valid. All Message Center emails you receive will originate from a single Message Center email address and standard text will appear at the end of every message identifying Message Center as the source of the message.

You can personalize your user preferences by clicking on the "Manage My Communication Preference" in the "My Message Board" portlet found in the myRIT portal.

RIT faculty or staff wishing to use Message Center to send a communication should submit their request to the ITS Service Desk.

Tiger File Exchanger

RIT provides the Tiger File Exchanger application to facilitate the secure transfer of large files to one or more recipients. The Tiger File Exchanger provides a short term and secure method for sharing files without impacting email mailbox quotas. Files are stored in the Tiger File Exchanger for up to 30 days. This service is limited to members of the RIT Community with an RIT Computer Account. File transfers are limited to 100MB per file.

Tiger File Exchanger

RIT Campus Directory (Phonebook)

The RIT Campus Directory is a directory of the people who work at RIT. The two main sections are a college and division section and then an alphabetical listing of RIT employees. The directory is updated on a quarterly basis and department phone coordinators provide the updates. The directory is downloadable for free, or printed copies can be purchased through the HUB.

RIT Campus Communications Directory

Setting Up Web Sites (Web Hosting)

ITS provides web hosting for official and personal sites. There are two web environments – one for official sites and another for personal sites.

ITS Web Hosting