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Getting Connected

New to RIT?

In order to access the RIT network, use e-mail, log on to the myRIT portal, or the myCourses courseware system, there are some basic steps all who are new to RIT need to follow. Here’s where to begin:


This site allows you to modify your information at RIT. You can change your RIT Computer Account password. You can also manage email forwarding, name preferences, and other contact information. Additionally you can register new computers on the campus network or view and modify your existing computers.

Wireless Computing at RIT

RIT has an extensive wireless network which allows users to access the network from many public spaces and classrooms.

RIT’s Virtual Private Network (VPN)

While using an Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as Road Runner, DSL, AOL, or other ISP's, VPN will allow you to securely connect to the RIT network from home or another remote location. This is required for access to some RIT-only applications.

RIT Virtual Private Network (VPN)